The History of Eastern Wood Products

Our rich history and dedication to our customers has been a National and International priority since Eastern Wood Product's original company - - Standard Wood Pipe Company - - began production in Williamsport in 1910. 

Eastern Wood Products original company did not produce the fine kiln-dried hard wood for moulding, furniture, and the mill working industry. Instead, the Standard Wood Pipe Company produced an alternative to the metallic water and oil pipes, customary to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The wood water pipe, generally made of whit pine, absorbed water creating a perfect seal and, according to early literature, the Williamsport pipe could "carry 12-25% more liquid than a cast-iron pipe" because of "less friction loss." That idea was not a concept that was created in Williamsport, however, because early aqueducts in early Roman history used wooden pipes for water transportation. Our company's National and International clients spanned from France and Canada to numerous states in the Union and during World War I exclusively supplied the United States military. 

In 1939, Eastern Wood Products resurrected its original company, after a few years of hard times, and continued the manufacturing of the Williamsport Wood Pipe. EWP, however, shifted its total focus to the manufacturing of kiln-dried hardwoods for moulding, furniture, and the mill working industry.

Today, our focus is still on providing manufactured products for moulding, furniture, and the mill working industry, in addition to the hobbyist and do-it-yourselfers. Our family employs 30 workers who take pride in our products and in the precise production of fine Pennsylvania hardwoods. 

We look forward to serving you and your individual needs. Our tradition of fine products and fine service coupled with our recently modernized mill has established Eastern Wood Products as an "old company with new ideas."